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Vered Aharonovitch works are primarily sculptures and installations. She focuses on techniques
of casting and coloring different polymers, combining them with wood, fabrics and other
materials and thus creating expressive characters and stirring scenes.
The subjects that interest her most are those relating to complex relationships, and so she
creates disturbing scenes, through which she can reach a wide spectrum of emotional
conditions, to raise conflicts, ask questions and turn things upside down.
Aharonovitch often uses fantasy and humor as well as references to known works of art and to
art history. Each of her projects embodies her own experiences, which she reflects upon and
examines, but at the same time are connected to wider themes such as social issues, gender
and current events.
Vered Aharonovitch holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, and MFA
from Haifa University. Her works were exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions,
in museums and galleries  in Israel And Around the world.
Aharonovitch is the winner of the Young Artist Prize of the Ministry of Culture,
Mifal HaPais grant, and the Rabinovitch Foundation for the Arts fund.
She is also a founder and a member of Hanina
cooperative gallery.



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