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“Vered Aharonovitch’s solo exhibition centers on a family and their fine house, which we are invited to inspect in a spot of voyeuristic indulgence. Despite its conventional, respectable appearance, in thishouse there are no compunctions about washing the dirty laundry in full view. We must not allow the exquisitely rendered details of this dollhouse – with  its appealing solidity, bright expression, and gingerbread-like colors – to deceive us, for it possesses the seductive complexity of traditional children’s fairytales, with their heady mix of magic and fear, brutality and gentleness, reality and fiction. Back then, those fairytales were not afraid to shock and dwell upon the forbidden and appalling, gleefully holding back from reaching the happ ending that subordinates reality to artistic enjoyment...”

curator: Dr. Aya Lurie


Mixed media, kinetic sculpters

photography by Michael Liran and Lena Gumon


Herzliya Museum text by dr.Aya Lurie
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