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“Vered Aharonovitch's major installation, marks the peak of her ongoing
preoccupation with those mental and psychological processes, society's power­relations and
the delicate dialectics that range from revenge to reconciliation.
It also marks the completion of a cycle: all the characters and all of the artists' emotions and
expressive means are fused together now in order to create this fantasy of heroism. Although
reminiscent of the Baroque victory fountains that adorn the capitals of Europe, it is boldly
and reversely contemporary, as this time the girls are the victorious ones, having defeated
the only male in the scene...”

curator: Daria Kaufmann


the fountain is part of the permanent collection at the Ilana Goor Museum, Jaffa

fiberglass , water pumps 

photography by Michael Liran


Alfred Gallery - Daria Kaufmann
Fountain - Smadar Sheffi
Ilana Goor Museum - Sophia Dekel Caspi
walla - Efrat Barashi Meppen